Reduce Elavon Credit Card Processing Fees

Elavon provides merchant accounts and credit card payment processing to small business owners as well as large enterprises. Fees for these services run a wide range but one thing is shared between all Elavon credit card processing services – contractual rates for processing and varying interchange rates for differing transactions.

If you are currently enrolled in Elavon’s credit card processing services, Verisave can help you lower your overall merchant fees.

How Verisave Lowers Merchant Fees For Business Owners

Verisave performs a thorough audit of your most recent merchant account statement. This allows us to identify what types of savings strategies can be applied to your merchant account based on our proprietary data. Our data is compiled from over 500 companies, including those in your particular industry. After doing so, we will have a very clear understanding of your savings potential.

Verisave merchant account experts have developed specific savings strategies for lowering overall merchant fees, and we will analyze which of these strategies we can use to reduce your credit card processing rates and other merchant account fees.  When applied in a specific order, we can maximize your savings potential; however, we have found that when these steps are taken out of order, merchants are limited to how much they could be saving each month.

After submitting your most recent merchant account statement to Verisave, we will perform a free audit and return a savings analysis to you outlining your savings potential in just a few days. The auditing and reporting processes follow this timely outline:

  1. Submit your merchant account statement for a free audit.
  2. Verisave provides a savings analysis determining whether or not you might benefit from our savings strategies.
  3. One of our experts will go over the savings analysis with you and address any questions.
  4. Your company signs a working agreement with Verisave.
  5. Verisave provides you with a detailed savings plan for you to approve/allow us to implement.
  6. Once you approve the savings plan, Verisave does all the work and puts this plan into action.

Lower Elavon Credit Card Processing Rates With Verisave

We understand the many aspects of running a business, especially when it comes to processing payments and navigating monthly merchant fees. After working with hundreds of merchants using various credit card processors, payment gateways, POS systems and payment platforms, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the credit card industry.

Working with Verisave provides your company with a significant advantage in controlling the costs associated with payment processing.

We are so confident in our ability to lower your overall merchant fees, we offer this information with NO RISK to our customers. Though we locate the savings, you remain in full control of the implementation of our savings strategy. Verisave puts the plan into action so you can go about other pressing responsibilities. Once we have secured these savings for you, we regularly monitor your merchant accounts to make sure the savings remain each month.

Verisave works on a gain/share basis, you only pay us our share for creating these savings AFTER you have pocketed the money. This incentive guarantees that obtaining your maximum savings potential is our number one priority. Contact Verisave today to see how you could benefit from our merchant account auditing services.

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