Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Verisave’s Services

Verisave is a cost reduction firm that specializes in reducing credit card processing fees. Our proprietary process maximizes savings by addressing every fee component, including processor fees, interchange, and card association fees.

Verisave is NOT a card processor, we are a cost reduction firm that specializes in reducing credit card processing fees.
On average, Verisave can reduce fees by 10-30%.

Verisave has successfully identified and extracted savings for large and small companies across a broad range of industries. Any company that accepts credit cards has cost savings potential.

Verisave’s ability to implement our proprietary process and deliver savings is not dependent upon which processor you use. In fact, we have worked with hundreds of processors over the years.
Verisave’s process does not require clients to change processors, business processes or customer experience to realize savings. We extract savings by making micro-adjustments to the back end of the merchant account.

No. Integrations with your ERP and other systems will not be affected or disrupted in any way. Verisave works with your card processor to make adjustments on the back end of your merchant account. 

Yes, if you would like to change processors, Verisave has worked with hundreds of processors over the years and can identify one that meets your company’s unique needs. We can also advise you on the implementation process.
Verisave only gets paid if you realize savings. We receive a percentage of your savings, there are no up-front charges or consulting fees. Our fee is due after your savings are confirmed each month.
The process starts with a complimentary savings analysis to identify and quantify cost savings opportunities. If you then engage Verisave, we will develop and implement a customized savings methodology, which includes continuous monitoring, analysis, and re-optimization of your account to maximize savings.
If you provide a copy of your merchant statement, in 3-5 business days Verisave will identify and quantify your cost savings opportunities. There is no charge for this service.
Verisave can typically implement savings within six weeks.
After reviewing your current merchant statements, we will establish the baseline rates you are currently paying. Once the savings methodology Verisave has designed for your company has been implemented, we will compare the new rates to the baseline rates to calculate your savings.
Companies are typically overcharged 10-30% because of numerous factors including account setup errors, junk fees, transaction misclassification and improperly applied discounts. Most companies do not have the internal expertise to identify and fix these problems.
The fees you pay your processor represent about 10% of your total card processing fees. Most of the fees go to other entities, including banks that issue the credit cards used, card association fees, etc. Your processor has no control over these other fees, nor does it have the expertise required to identify ways to reduce these fees.

Verisave offers cost-reduction, simplified. Without any time investment, disruption, risk, or upfront fees, we can easily bring 25%-35% of your credit card processing fees back to your bottom line. 

No need to change processors, and no need to add a project to your team’s workload.



We dissect and analyze every fee on your merchant account to find all viable savings tactics, re-classifications, and hidden discounts.



We apply these tactics to your existing merchant account, implementing all savings for you. We do all of the work.



We monitor the account every month to ensure your fees do not increase over time, and that any annual rate updates are minimized or avoided.

What to Expect

It’s simple. Verisave clients boost their profits by reducing wasteful credit card processing fees through our expert optimization process.

Our work is entirely within the setup of the merchant account … we find errors, we fix them on the back end, and our clients return that extra money to their bottom lines. There’s no need to change processors.

Nothing else changes. There’s no disruption to any business practice or customer experience.

And we do all of the work.