Reduce Worldpay Credit Card Processing Fees

WorldPay merged with Vantiv in 2017. As two major players in the credit card processing industry, this giant company offers a wide range of merchant services with a specific focus on secure payment processing. WorldPay provides secure credit card payment processing to merchants all over the United States as well as globally, reaching 146 different countries with their eCommerce platform.

Being such a massive payment processor, WorldPay and Vantiv are well tailored to handle companies of all sizes, offering tiered pricing plans and customizable packages. Though they do not provide much in the way of pricing on their website, a quick phone call with a sales rep can give you a good idea of their processing rates and fees for services.

Standard Rates and Fees For WorldPay Credit Card Processing

Below is an estimate provided by WorldPay during a special offer they promoted for “guaranteed pricing” not too long ago:

Signature debit transactions: 0.99% + $0.20 per transaction

Standard credit transactions: 1.99% + $0.20 per transaction

Rewards credit transactions: 2.60% + $0.20 per transaction

Corporate/T&E/keyed transactions: 3.30% + $0.20 per transaction

These fees are all subject to many variables and fluctuate depending on when you enroll. Though these were, at the time, their advertised rates, these are likely not the rates you will receive once going through the sales processes with WorldPay. Verisave specializes in helping merchants control the cost of these services and can typically help you save money when working with Worldpay or Vantiv.

Verisave Can Reduce Overall Merchant Fees For WorldPay Customers

Whether you are currently enrolled in WorldPay/Vantiv services or have worked with them for years, Verisave can help to reduce your overall merchant fees. Our auditing experts have worked with numerous companies using WorldPay and Vantiv, giving us clear insight to the inner workings of these companies. We are familiar with WorldPay’s typical contractual agreements, customer service, sales techniques, fees, and processing rates.

We have compiled the data collected from these interactions, creating an invaluable benchmark report for comparison. This tool provides our clients with a significant advantage for obtaining the most savings.

By reviewing your most current merchant account statement, we can visibly see areas of savings potential. Our strategies for obtaining these savings are another tool we offer to companies working with Verisave. Your maximum savings potential can only be reached when we implement our proven strategies in a very specific order. The order of operations matters when implementing savings strategies and if not followed correctly then some savings opportunities could be jeopardized.

Once our savings strategies are in place, our customers enjoy an average decrease of 25-35% in overall merchant fees. Give us a try, risk-free, to see what merchant account savings we can obtain for you. Contact Verisave today for more information.

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