Verisave Merchant Services Review: XCharge

XCharge for Credit Card Payment Processing

XCharge is based out of Pleasant Grove, Utah and was acquired by Global Payments in 2012. XCharge is a virtual terminal system. They offer proprietary software combined with merchant account services to merchants for credit card payment processing.

XCharge works well as a virtual terminal option but has not been updated in a number of years. We anticipate that this product will eventually be phased out. In the meantime, if you’re using XCharge as your merchant account provider and payment gateway, Verisave can help you obtain lower monthly fees.

Speak with merchant account experts at Verisave to find out more about cutting costs and saving on your overall merchant fees. We have worked with XCharge on behalf of our clients in many industries and can help you to restructure your merchant account and credit card payment process with more efficient tools and proven savings strategies.

Products & Services Offered

XCharge provides merchant accounts to retailers and business owners, while also acting as the payment gateway for processing credit and debit card payments. When it comes to credit card payment processing, XCharge provides the following services:

XCharge MERCHANT ACCOUNTS – XCharge does not directly process payments. Merchant accounts from XCharge are provided by the parent company Global Payments.

XCharge eCOMMERCE TOOLS – The XWeb payment gateway pairs with the following shopping carts: Earth Skater, PDG Software, CustomCart, and eLink Ware.

XCharge PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE – Accept payments made with all major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Discover, and Mastercard. Also allow customers to pay via ACH or eCheck.

XCharge PAYMENT GATEWAY – XCharge pairs their virtual terminal software with XWeb – their payment gateway solution.

XCharge POS SYSTEMS – XCharge does not provide hardware for their terminal software. But the software can be paired with many existing POS systems.

XCharge MOBILE PAYMENTS – They do not currently offer an app for mobile payment acceptance. But you can use the parent company’s app, “OpenEdge Mobile.” This app is available for both iOS and Android.

XCharge VIRTUAL TERMINAL – Turn any device with Microsoft Vista or older into a POS system using XCharge’s virtual terminal software. You can accept payments while offline (storing data on your personal device) and once you have an internet connection, the payments are then processed. No updates have been made to their software to allow merchants to use more recent versions of Microsoft, which leads us to assume they will phase this product out of the OpenEdge/Global Payments list of services. XCharge has included built-in fraud protection to allow for PCI compliance. This software also provides online reporting that includes transaction information, merchant accounting, and images.

Try speaking with Verisave before enrolling in XCharge services. Verisave merchant account experts have worked with many companies using XCharge as their merchant account and gateway provider. Based on our experience with this company, we can help you save money that merchants cannot ordinarily obtain on their own.

How Much Will You Be Paying For XCharge Services?

XCharge does not disclose pricing information on their website. It will vary between individual merchants based on a few different factors, including (and not limited to) industry, monthly processing volume, location, and more.

Payments go directly through Global Payments for services. You can expect to pay a monthly service fee, a yearly membership fee, possible PCI compliance fees, and a wireless service fee if you use a wireless terminal.

If you use XCharge as your merchant account provider, speak with a Verisave merchant account auditor today. XCharge is known to charge many unnecessary junk fees that are hard to spot for the untrained eye. We can help to eliminate these fees and apply other proven strategies for lowering your overall merchant fees.

If you are ready to pay less for merchant account services, then speak with Verisave’s merchant services experts. Customers achieve an average savings of 25%-35% in credit card processing fees and other merchant-related expenses after a free audit from Verisave.

Consider Your Desired Contract Length

XCharge offers a three-year contract for services, with an automatic renewal clause that results in one-year contracts each year following the initial term. The automatic renewal clause can be removed from the contract before signing. It can also be prevented by giving 60 days notice prior to the end of the contract term. There are many merchant account providers that offer month-to-month accounts with zero termination fees that may make more sense for your business.

XCharge requires a merchant who cancels their contract early to pay for liquidated damages. This means you will be required to pay the entire value of the length of your contract – the entire 36 month’s worth of fees.

Speaking With XCharge Sales and Customer Service Reps

You’ll find very little information on XCharge’s outdated website. With the overall appearance of the site, outdated company information, and limited use of their software, it seems as if Global Payments isn’t paying much attention to this branch of their company. Signing up with XCharge may come at a more costly price than just their lengthy contract lengths and long list of junk fees. It could very likely result in poor customer service and troubleshooting by the looks of how neglected their online presence has become.
XCharge Sales

XCharge services are primarily obtained via third-party sales agents. Depending on your experience, sales teams and customer service may range from terrible to excellent. Without the direct input of an in-house sales team, customer service tends to suffer. For support, you’ll have to contact OpenEdge.

Online Reviews of XCharge

Most online complaints about XCharge concern aspects dealing with their merchant account service, not their payment gateway service. This includes account cancelation and poor customer service. When it comes to closing an account with XCharge, they’ve included specific demands in your contract. These can be confusing and require multiple steps for completion. We’ve helped clients cancel accounts with XCharge and have limited their frustration, but for merchants completing this process on their own, it can be overwhelming.


XCharge for Credit Card Payment Processing

We typically do not recommend XCharge for their merchant account services. With so many other companies available for these services, you’re likely to benefit from another route that includes month-to-month contract lengths, lower processing fees, and more favorable business management tools and customer service. While they provide a payment gateway that seems to do a great job, it can be simpler to work with a company that provides your merchant account paired with their gateway services.

Depending on your business’ specific needs and the services you obtain from XCharge, you can easily end up overpaying for your merchant services without the help of our credit card processing auditors at Verisave. We find that our customers are overpaying an average of 25% to 35% for their monthly merchant account, payment processing, and other credit card payment services.

Submit your most recent merchant account statement today to see if you could benefit from working with account auditing experts at Verisave. After years of working in this industry, we have developed proven strategies for reducing merchant account fees for our clients. When implemented in a specific order, we can maximize your savings potential.

Currently using XCharge as your gateway or merchant account provider? Speak with Verisave to see what we can do to save you money on your merchant account fees.

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