Credit Card Processing Audit For Merchants Using eProcessing Network

eProcessing Network, LLC build software specifically for credit card processing. They also build software to help merchants with business management including customized web order generation, bill pay tools, and inventory management tools.

Through eProcessing Networks, you cannot obtain a merchant account. Their gateway services and business management tools can be paired with an existing merchant account, however. A few major merchant account providers they work worth include First Data, Chase Paymentech, and TSYS.

eProcessing Network doesn’t disclose pricing on their website but like many in this industry, you can rely on a monthly gateway service fee, a small fee per transaction, and traditional startup fees. If you are looking to sign up with eProcessing Networks to use any of their provided services, let Verisave’s merchant account auditors help you with this processes. We have worked with many companies using eProcessing Network as their merchant account provider and their payment gateway. Over time, we have developed proven strategies for saving on overall merchant account fees that we can apply to your accounts as well.

Our experience in the credit card processing industry combined with our benchmark data from working with over 500 businesses in the US gives us a leg up when working with companies like eProcessing Network.

How To Obtain a Free Credit Card Processing Audit

Start by submitting a copy of your most recent merchant account statement. Our auditors check your statement for three specific variables to see if you could benefit from working with Verisave.

Three areas that Verisave will check for savings potential:

Industry Savings – How do your merchant fees/rates compare to other companies in your specific industry? We compare your statement to our proprietary data compiled of businesses similar to yours.

Benchmark Savings – How do your merchant fees/rates compare to our proprietary database/benchmark data? We will check your data against compiled data that compares benchmarks across the nation. Our benchmark data on eProcessing Network allows you access to factual savings information that can be applied to any eProcessing Network merchant account.

Pricing Savings – Are you getting the best pricing and rates from your processors? In most cases, we don’t recommend switching processors. But there will be occasions where you could save more by using a different processor.

Once our experts have reviewed your statement and determined if you would be a good candidate for our services, we will present to you a general outline of the savings you could achieve by working with Verisave. We offer our clients a detailed savings plan showing the specific savings they could achieve by allowing us to apply our proven strategies for lowering merchant account fees. Verisave’s experts put the savings plan into action so you can turn your attention to other areas of your business. Once the savings have been captured, we will continue to monitor your statements, ensuring that the savings remain in place.

Contact Verisave today to see how much you could be saving in monthly merchant account fees.

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