NetSuite Credit Card Processing Review

NetSuite started in 1998, creating the first cloud-based business management software. They offer financials / Enterprise Resource Planning and omnichannel commerce software for companies, organizations, and subsidiaries worldwide. Netsuite has a built-in credit card processing feature that allows businesses to track sales via credit card transaction.

Cost for this software will vary widely depending on the customization of software for your company. Because of the expense and the expansive possibility of performance, NetSuite is an office management software recommended for larger companies that have outgrown programs like Quickbooks and Sage.
It has been identified that companies using the NetSuite credit card processing feature are losing out on valuable savings. Verisave has developed specific strategies that address this issue so you can continue processing through NetSuite and receive the savings that are available to you.

Credit Card Processing Through NetSuite

To process credit card payments through Netsuite, mot companies partner with the processor  Merchant e-Solutions. Using NetSuite limits your gateway and processor options. However, because we have worked with this company and their cloud-based office management software extensively, Verisave auditing experts can help you save money with NetSuite.

It is possible to fine-tune NetSuite to meet the specific needs of your company, which makes it a good software solution for many entities. This software offers quite a depth of use: CRM, ERP, eCommerce, SRP, Retail, POS, Reporting, and more. Determining the ease of use for this software will vary based on your company’s needs.

Other Features Offered With NetSuite

  • Customized dashboard – Depending on the customization of your software, your dashboard will also be customized to your company’s needs.
  • Easily import and export files.
  • Simple invoicing – NetSuite provides multiple/customizable invoicing templates.
  • Estimates – Develop estimates for clients using NetSuite’s cloud-based software.
  • Organization – Categorize information by class (department, locations, etc).
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting – This report is a quick and easy-to-digest report on the company’s overall health.
  • Multiple currency options – Twenty different currencies are billable through NetSuite, with automatically updated exchange rates.
  • Reminders and alerts – You can customize your dashboard to alert you when specific items need attention.

NetSuite also provides many more features depending on whether you use their software for enterprise resource planning or services resource planning.

Considering Switching To Or Signing Up With NetSuite Software? Let Us Help You

If you are considering using NetSuite and are interested in their credit card processing feature, contact Verisave to find out if NetSuite is a good option for your company. While reviewing your current merchant account statements and other key factors, we can set up your credit card processing to obtain the lowest possible rates for your company using cloud-based management software like NetSuite.

Currently Using NetSuite Software? Verisave Can Help Save Money On Credit Card Processing Fees

If you are currently using NetSuite office management software and are interested in lowering your merchant account fees for credit card processing, submit your most recent merchant account statement and we will review it for free. Our experience in working with NetSuite allows us to bring valuable savings to your organization.

Overall, NetSuite offers so much to companies of all shapes and sizes that it is a great fit for most large companies. Being able to customize the software to fit your company’s needs makes them extremely versatile and they are easy to work with.

Find out more by contacting Verisave today.

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