3 Steps To A Credit Card Processing Audit: Audit, Restructure, & Monitor

Verisave is a merchant account auditing firm that was created to help businesses acquire the lowest possible credit card processing fees starting with a free credit card processing audit. We aim to achieve the most monetary savings possible for our clients. Without having to change your current processor, we implement time-tested strategies for saving you thousands on merchant account fees.

1. Verisave Performs A Detailed Audit

Our auditing experts at Verisave comb over client merchant account statements to understand your current rates, fees, and monthly credit card processing volumes. Once we have a clear understanding of your company’s unique needs, we begin locating areas of savings opportunities of which most companies are unaware. This involves miscellaneous fees, inflated fees, errors, processing billings, and more. This service is offered to interested companies at no cost and requires no commitment.

2. Verisave Then Restructures Credit Card Processing For More Efficiency

Once your audit is complete and we have a clear understanding of your company’s credit card processing needs, we can do all the work to reduce your overall merchant fees. We have worked with all the platforms that processors use and know the limitations and strengths of each platform which can directly affect your company’s savings. Our knowledge of the back-end cost structure of the processor combined with our extensive benchmark data in the credit card processing industry are invaluable tools that we use to obtain lower processing fees. At Verisave, we have developed solutions and strategies to achieve 90% to 100% of the savings we identify on a merchant statement. Once we can restructure a company’s current merchant account, we can save you an average of 25% to 35% in monthly credit card processing fees.

3. Verisave Monitors Your Accounts To Ensure Your Savings Remains In Place

Saving thousands on merchant fees can be a reality if you let Verisave put forth the upfront time and effort required. Unfortunately, we see these savings slip away without careful monitoring of the account. Small fees and surcharges begin to reappear over time while processing rates steadily climb. To prevent the loss of your savings, Verisave will monitor and measure the savings each month by receiving a copy of your merchant statements. We will then present to you a detailed savings report and invoice each month explaining the savings achieved and maintained. Monthly monitoring is our way of guaranteeing satisfied customers.

Contact Verisave today to begin your free audit. Within 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll be on your way to saving thousands of dollars on credit card processing fees.

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