Credit Card Processing Audit For Companies Using Vantiv

Credit card payment processing is a standard expense all businesses can expect. But what many business owners don’t realize is that they could be paying less for payment processing and other merchant services. Simply lowering your rate by half of a percent can result in meaningful savings at the year’s end. Unfortunately, acquiring a small decrease in processing rates and fees can take more time than it is worth for a high-profiting company. Additionally it does no good to reduce costs in this area if they simply jump back up a few months later.

Verisave has worked to control and lower processing rates and merchant account fees for more than 500 companies. Being experts in auditing merchant accounts and obtaining lower rates for companies in all industries, we know exactly what it takes to reduce costs in credit card processing.

First, Verisave will perform an audit of your most current merchant account statement. At no cost to you, our experts will comb through your statement to find pertinent information pertaining to your credit card processing. Using this information, we’ll compare your account to proprietary data with detailed benchmark information of hundreds of merchants to see how you compare. By checking your current rates against industry averages, Vantiv averages, and general credit card processing statistics, we can pinpoint specific areas of savings for you.

Let Verisave Obtain Lower Credit Card Processing Fees For Your Vantiv Services

Once Verisave has thoroughly audited your merchant account statement and located potential areas of savings, we will get to work, implementing those savings immediately. We have developed strategies to acquire the most savings possible for merchants based on our proprietary data and our experience in this industry. When implemented in a specific order, we can maximize your savings potential. Many companies that attempt to lower their merchant fees on their own can obtain a small amount of savings. However, if specific strategies are applied out of order, you may negate the possibility of savings through different techniques. Watch this short video to get a better understanding of our services.

Instead of attempting to acquire a small percentage of savings on your own, speak with an auditing expert at Verisave. We save our clients an average of 25% to 35% in overall merchant fees, leading to significant savings each month.

We won’t ask you to change processors to obtain your savings, but if you’d be better off using another company, we will let you know. Save your company money by working with Verisave. You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to gain.

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