Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees For Vantiv

Vantiv is a large company offering merchant accounts and credit card processing. They have also developed numerous support services to business owners. In 2017, Vantiv was acquired by Worldpay. Currently, their company name is Vantiv Now Worldpay and consumers expect them to drop the Vantiv name altogether in the coming years. Now that they are a part of the Worldpay enterprise, their market has an expanded reach. Customers worldwide will be able to use Vantiv for most aspects of business management.

Merchants using Vantiv as their credit card processor have access to eCommerce integration, eCheck processing, virtual terminal options, chip card hardware, and developer tools for customizing their Vantiv services. Vantiv doesn’t advertise their pricing scales. For this information, you must already be a customer or speak with a sales rep to receive a quote for services. However, you can expect the following estimated starting points for their rates:

Terminal Credit Card Sales 2.25% + $0.10 (and more)

eCommerce sales 2.7% + $0.30

These rates are guaranteed to change and fluctuate over time. To get an accurate idea of what Vantiv will offer you, give them a call to receive a quote.

Verisave Can Help You Obtain Lower Rates and Fees for Services With Vantiv

If you are considering working with Vantiv, call Verisave and speak with a merchant account auditing expert to see how we can help you save money with our proprietary benchmark data on Vantiv. Especially important, if you have already received a quote, our benchmark data on Vantiv allows you access to factual savings information that can be applied to any Vantiv merchant account. Verisave works for merchants by doing all of the heavy lifting. We’ll identify where you could be saving more money. Then we’ll implement those savings for you, making sure you see a return within weeks of signing up for our services.

Verisave auditors have worked with many companies already using Vantiv as their credit card processor. We are very familiar with their way of doing business and the typical contractual agreements they arrange for merchants. Give yourself a leg up to make sure you aren’t overpaying for Vantiv services.

Three Aspects of Vantiv Customers’ Savings Potential To Consider

For companies using Vantiv Now Worldpay, Verisave closely examines

  1. Pricing Savings – Is your processor offering you fair rates and reasonable pricing?
  2. Potential Industry Savings – What are other merchants in your industry paying for processing services? Are you saving as much as you could be?
  3. Potential Benchmark Savings – Compared to our proprietary data of over 500+ merchants, are you paying an average rate or overpaying for your processing services?

As we’ve worked with numerous merchants, we have found that a majority of businesses are indeed overpaying for merchant services. Their numbers may be off by only half a point based on doing a Free Savings Analysis with Verisave. This can result in tens of thousands of dollars possibly being overpaid at the years end, because of higher processing rates and fees.

Whether you’re looking to sign up with Vantiv or if you are already under contract with them, we can review your merchant statement to determine if Verisave can secure significant savings for your company. When we do find qualified businesses for our services, our experts save an average of 25%-35% in overall credit card processing fees for each client we work with.

When you employ Verisave to reduce your overall credit card payment processing fees, your company automatically receives three guaranteed wins:

  • Pay nothing out of pocket for our services. Verisave will not be another business expense to you. We are compensated once we have secured savings for you with a portion of that savings. You can only benefit from our services.
  • Assume absolutely no risk. We’ll devote our time and resources evaluating your merchant statements for free before meeting with you. That way you can know what you are signing up for, before doing any of the signing.
  • Delegate a time-consuming task. Controlling and reducing your merchant account fees takes painstaking time, requiring companies to comb through resources. Capturing savings will be our full responsibility and not another task on your list of things to do.

If you are currently working with Vantiv as your credit card payment processor, submit a recent merchant statement for our auditing experts and let the evaluations begin. Once we have located specific areas of savings that can be applied to your merchant account, we will go to work implementing our proven savings strategies to your merchant account.

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