Can You Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees On Your Own?

Many business owners are beginning to recognize the strain of merchant fees for allowing their customers to use credit and debit cards to purchase their goods and services. That tiny percentage of each sale adds up to a significant cost at the end of each month. With a few strategies, merchants can find savings in their monthly merchant account fees but it hardly seems to be worth the effort. Consider working with auditing specialists at Verisave to save significantly more time and money each month when it comes to credit card processing fees.

Combing through merchant account statements is difficult and time-consuming. With lists of minuscule fees and different entities involved, it can be extremely confusing to sort out. Without the experience of a professional auditing firm like Verisave, it is likely you will miss significant savings opportunities.

Business owners can save themselves an average of 3% to 5% in monthly merchant fees on their own. But Verisave finds an average of 25% to 35% in monthly savings on their clients’ merchant account fees.

Verisave Can Identify Savings That The Average Business Owner Cannot

One retail store was concerned their credit card processing fees were too high, and they implemented some of the savings techniques we discussed previously to achieve a 5% reduction in their fees. Verisave approached this retail store 6 months later and offered to review their merchant account statement for free. Verisave auditors located an additional 15% of savings (which included a savings with American Express). Verisave was able to implement these savings in less than three weeks.

See What You Could Be Saving With Zero Risk

Verisave offers interested clients a free analysis of their merchant accounts. Simply send us a copy of your most recent merchant account statement and our experts will comb every line to find you the maximum savings. We work with and educate your current processor to implement our savings strategies on your behalf. Within two to three business days, we will send you a detailed summary of our findings and speak with you about how to implement your savings. When you hire Verisave, you add an important asset to your team. We only profit when you do, costing you nothing out of pocket and only adding to your bottom line.

Contact us today to see what kind of savings you could realize in a matter of weeks.

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