Varying Levels Of Interchange Rates For Credit Card Processing

The interchange rate is a percentage of a sale the merchant pays the different entities involved in processing the payment. This includes the issuing bank, the credit card network, and acquiring banks. But not every purchase is treated equally in this industry. Depending on how you enter the credit card information at your POS, you will be charged a different rate for the transaction.

Visa’s Varying Levels of Interchange Rates

Visa pays a different rate for interchange depending on a number of variables.The type of card, the amount of the purchase, and the way the card information is entered into your POS will have an effect on your merchant fees. Keep in mind that each program will have their own set fee based on whether or not the card is an exempt or a regulated Visa Check card.

Some examples of factors that affect your interchange rate are as follows:

  • If the debit card is present
  • If the debit card number is keyed into the POS
  • The bank that issued the debit card
  • If the credit card is present
  • If the credit card number is keyed into the POS
  • If it is an international card

Within each of these classifications are lists of subclassifications. If you would like to better understand these classifications and find out if there are ways to better optimize your Visa transactions, contact us here.

Mastercard’s Varying Levels of Interchange Rates

Mastercard, like Visa, has a very detailed list of fees for credit card payments accepted by merchants. The type of card, the amount of the purchase, the way the card information is entered into your POS, and the type of business you run will all affect your merchant fees. You can visit their website for more detailed information depending on the country in which your business is located. However, Mastercard’s interchange rates are a bit more complicated than Visa. So if you found Visa’s system difficult, we recommend you work with merchant account savings experts like us here at Verisave.

American Express’ Levels of Interchange Rates

American Express has multiple pricing models. Your specific rates will depend upon the pricing model used for your setup. Merchants interested in getting the best rate for their business can speak with a representative at American Express to find out how they can enroll in their preferred pricing model.

But, just like every other credit card network, the interchange rate will vary based largely on the following variables:

  1. the sale amount
  2. how the transaction is processed – online, over the phone, or with a physical card
  3. when you submit transactions to your processor for payment

For more information on AmEx pricing models, their specific levels of interchange, and how to reduce your rates, contact Verisave to see how we can help.

Discover’s Levels Of Interchange Rates

Discover, like American Express, works as a closed loop network. Their rates and fees are solely the decision of Discover and no other entity. This makes obtaining better rates with them a bit more difficult, especially for those without experience dealing with Discover directly.

However, Verisave is very familiar with the levels of interchange provided by Discover thanks to our extensive experience of working in this industry. We know that this information varies dramatically from business to business. We can help you to determine what rates you’re being charged and share with you strategies that are proven to optimize those rates for increased savings.

Verisave Can Wade Through Complicated Levels Of Interchange To Optimize Your Merchant Account For More Savings

When your business accepts credit card payments for services or goods, it is nearly impossible to invest the time needed to understand all the fees you’re paying. Though individually they may seem like such small amounts that you shouldn’t have to worry about it, they can really add up in total. As business’ aim to reduce their merchant fees on their own, they can typically save anywhere from 3% to 5% in monthly fees. However, with the help of Verisave merchant account experts, you could increase your savings by 25% to 35% each month.

Our trained eyes, extensive knowledge of the credit card industry, and time-tested strategies provide us with the ability to focus solely on your merchant accounts and reduce your fees. Letting us perform this tedious task allows you to pursue other profitable ventures for your business.

Contact Verisave today to see how much we can reduce your monthly merchant fees. Submit a recent copy of your merchant account statement and we will present you with a detailed report in 2-3 business days. This report identifies potential savings that could be realized in a matter of weeks. This initial analysis is free to you, with no strings attached. Let us show you what our savings experts are capable of doing for your company!

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