How Verisave Helps Reduce, Manage and Control Merchant Account Fees

How Verisave Helps Reduce, Manage and Control Merchant Account Fees

At Verisave, we specialize in helping businesses  lower their monthly merchant account fees. With years of experience and back-end knowledge of the credit card industry, we managed to secure $5.3 million in savings just last year for our clients. Too many companies are letting their merchant account fees get the best of them, paying high interchange rates, late fees, and other unnecessary charges. Human errors can be made due to the complexity of merchant account statements. Bringing Verisave on board provides businesses with a three-fold service of ongoing reduction, management, and control of company merchant account fees


Verisave analyzes a number of variables based on your merchant account statement looking for fees that can be reduced and even eliminated in some cases. Specifically, we target the following:

  • Processor Savings
  • Interchange Savings
  • American Express Savings

On average, Verisave can save businesses 25%-35% in monthly merchant account fees.

Verisave plays an active role in managing company merchant accounts. Our objective is to do the heavy lifting for you.
Verisave negotiates with processors to cut costs and implements proven techniques to provide significant savings to our clients.
Negotiated rates are not set in stone. When left unmonitored, interchange rates can rise and once-eliminated fees can re appear.
Verisave monitors merchant accounts to ensure savings are maintained through the life of your contract.

Verisave has worked with a wide range of happy clients including, iHeart Media, and Level3 Communications.

Client Success: The Restaurant Owner

One restaurant owner began to monitor his merchant accounts closely when he realized the majority of his customers were paying with credit cards. He could see  that his processing fees were increasing with each passing year. Upon speaking with his processor about the matter, he was informed that the processor’s fees were being increased as well which is why the merchant was seeing an increase in his rates.

  • Verisave Reduced The Restaurant’s Merchant Fees – We were able to identify a 28% reduction on this restaurant owner’s credit card processing fees.
  • Verisave Managed The Merchant Account – With our knowledge of industry benchmarks and back-end processing cost structures, we were able to negotiate lower interchange rates for the merchant and eliminate unnecessary account fees. We will not only locate over-spending, we will achieve the savings for you.
  • Verisave Controls Continued Savings For The Merchant – During the life of your contract, Verisave plays an active role in monitoring your accounts to ensure the savings we have set in place remain in tact. Over time, once negotiated, interchange rates and eliminated fees can begin to slowly reappear on your account. Having a watchful eye on your statements ensures that unnecessary fees do not stick around.

By working with Verisave, the restaurant owner managed to see a savings of $3,000 each month.

You can try Verisave for free. Submit your most recent merchant account statement and receive an in-depth audit of your credit card processing records in 2-3 business days. Our reports provide measurable and transparent data including a savings analysis and a breakdown of where your company is currently overspending. We won’t ask you to sign a contract or write a check before we demonstrate the value we can add to your company’s bottom line.

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