Discover More Savings With A Free Merchant Statement Analysis

Verisave specializes in reviewing and locating savings within merchant account statements and every-day merchant processes. On average, we’ve been able to save our clients an astounding 25% to 35% in monthly merchant account spending. If your company is processing more than $100K each month in credit card sales, fine-tuning the way you handle credit card processing can shave thousands of dollars off of your monthly spending.

Verisave Will Perform Your First Audit At No Cost To You

If you are curious as to whether or not you could save on processing fees each month, we’re happy to prove our skill with a free initial merchant statement analysis. By sending us a copy of your most recent merchant statement, our experienced auditors can comb through your records line by line to locate savings opportunities. We’ll compare your current rates to industry standards and help you to find a better solution for reducing your costs in this area.

Our auditing experts will complete their analysis of your merchant statements and present to you a detailed summary of our findings. Our reports are clear, easy to understand, and the savings we uncover are totally transparent. As we aim to save you money, we also work hard to explain exactly how the savings can be obtained.

Once You’re Impressed With Our Cost Savings Analysis…

Consider us a valuable part of your team. Together, we’ll work to improve merchant account set-up and cost reduction. You’ll have our valuable expertise in the credit card processing industry at your disposal. After many years of working with a number of processors and every credit card company out there, we have developed dependable strategies for lowering your monthly merchant fees.


We’ve worked with a number of large companies, including:

On average, we’ve saved companies 25%-35% in monthly merchant account fees.


We are not incentivised by kickbacks, ties to credit card companies or processors. We strive only to find valuable savings for you and ask that in return, we share in the savings. If you’re ready to start cutting costs and making a real difference in your bottom line, give us a call. We’re eager to show you the benefits we bring to the table.

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