Verisave Merchant Services Review: eProcessing Network

eProcessing Network for Credit Card Payment Processing

eProcessing Network, LLC is a software development company specializing in transaction processing services and support. They process merchants’ credit card, debit card, NFC, Apple Pay, ACH/check, gift card and loyalty transactions. They have been in business since 2000 with their home base in Houston, Texas. eProcessing Network is a gateway provider for merchants to accept credit card and debit card transactions either through a website, virtual terminal, or mobile processing system.

Through eProcessing Networks, you cannot obtain a merchant account. Their services can be paired with an existing merchant account, however. A few major merchant account providers they work worth include First Data, Chase Paymentech, and TSYS.

Verisave has worked with many companies using eProcessing Network’s services to lower their overall merchant fees. You can access eProcessing Network services directly through the company or through your current merchant account provider if they have a working relationship with eProcessing Network.

Products & Services Offered by eProcessing Network

ePROCESSING NETWORK SECURE PAYMENT GATEWAY: This is eProcessing Network’s PCI compliant gateway system that is necessary for using any of their merchant tools.

ePROCESSING NETWORK POS: This POS system is designed to be used specifically with eProcessing Networks gateway. It’s a virtual terminal that can be used with or without the presence of the card. This POS system is proprietary eProcessing Network software that is installed in your computer as opposed to a browser-based POS device.

ePROCESSING NETWORK MOBILE: You can obtain eProcessing Networks mobile apps for processing payments on smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS). Not all android devices can support the application.

ePROCESSING NETWORK WEB ORDER GENERATOR: Create customized HTML-based web order forms.

ePROCESSING NETWORK BILL PAY: Offer customers a paperless billing option for receiving and paying invoices via email.

ePROCESSING NETWORK INVENTORY: Manage your inventory using the cloud.

ePROCESSING NETWORK CUSTOMER DATA MANAGER: Store sensitive customer information including billing address and payment methods on the cloud.

ePROCESSING NETWORK RECUR: Offer your customers the option of making installment payments, subscriptions, and membership pricing options.

ePROCESSING NETWORK SYNC & PLUGIN: synchronize transaction data between your eProcessing Network gateway and QuickBooks.

ePROCESSING NETWORK MASTER ACCOUNTS: the Master accounts feature allows a central or corporate location to access transaction data from all locations via a single login.

ePROCESSING NETWORK FRAUD PROTECTION: All eProcessing Network tools include Address Verification Services (AVS) and CCV2 Card Verification Code.

eProcessing Network is a secure and well-established gateway provider in the merchant services industry. If you are currently working with eProcessing Network, Verisave auditors can help you to lower your overall merchant fees. Having worked with hundreds of merchants to significantly reduce their overall merchant fees, we have developed proven strategies for obtaining savings with eProcessing Network.

eProcessing Network UI/System Integration

eProcessing Network has developed tools for merchant services that help to organize and streamline your credit card processing. They work as your payment gateway in conjunction with a number of prominent merchant account providers and processors. Their proprietary software allows you to turn your computer or handheld device into a POS device that integrates with existing merchant accounts and tools from other providers.

How Much Will You Be Paying For eProcessing Network Services?

Like many companies in the merchant services industry, pricing for eProcessing Network services is not disclosed on their website. For this information, you’ll have to speak directly with a sales rep. If your current merchant account provider works with eProcessing Network, then you can ask them their rates for signing up through the merchant account provider.

Per our experience with eProcessing Network, their gateway services are close to $10.00 per month with an additional $0.05 per transaction. eProcessing Network does also charge a one time startup fee which is typically less than $100. Pricing will vary again when you opt for additional services from eProcessing Network or hardware.

eProcessing Network’s fees for services are typically on par with industry standards and compared to other popular gateway providers, their pricing is a bit less expensive. Verisave can help you to obtain significant overall savings when you speak with our merchant account auditors. Our experience in the credit card processing industry combined with our benchmark data gives us a leg up when working with any payment gateway providers and other merchant account providers.

eProcessing Network Contract Length

You can expect month-to-month billing and contract lengths with eProcessing Network. With month-to-month contract lengths, there are no early termination fees.

eProcessing Network Sales and Customer Service Reps

On the eProcessing Network website, you will not find any disclosure of pricing. For this, you will have to speak directly with a sales rep. Upon calling eProcessing Network, you will speak with an in-house representative. Speaking with the sales rep takes a few minutes and they will ask for personal information concerning your business, credit card processing volumes, and more, before disclosing rates and pricing. They are relatively easy to work with.

eProcessing Network offers telephone support every weekday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Central time). For after hours support, they provide an email option. They are known for great customer service provided by in-house staff instead of outsourcing. However, without 24/7 support lines, it’s tricky to get the help you need after standard business hours.

Their customer support is known to be very helpful as all customer support staff are in-house and not outsourced. For troubleshooting common problems, their FAQ page on the website is often a quicker solution than contacting customer support.

eProcessing Network Online Reviews

The BBB has shown a number of negative complaints against eProcessing Network but upon closer review of these complaints, the customer seems to have confused eProcessing Network (the gateway provider) with which ever merchant account provider they are using. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a lower overall score for eProcessing Network’s BBB rating.

Overall, eProcessing Network has a low volume of positive and negative complaints online (not including the misleading complaints directed at merchant account providers). This is considered a good sign for the company.

Verisave Merchant Services Review

eProcessing Network for Credit Card Payment Processing

eProcessing Network’s gateway and associated services perform well and cover most, if not all, of the needs of eCommerce and retail merchants alike. While they don’t disclose pricing information for any of their services on their website, the feedback we’ve received indicates that their prices are quite reasonable and compare favorably to other gateway providers.
Overall, eProcessing Network is a great option for many business owners in need of a gateway provider for credit card payment processing. They are easy to integrate with a number of existing systems and merchant account providers, and their prices are relatively fair.

If you are interested in working with eProcessing Network, Verisave merchant account experts are eager to assist you in the onboarding processes. Verisave can help you to control costs with eProcessing Network and other merchant related accounts. Our proprietary data, developed by working with over 500 companies using credit card processing services, gives you access to more savings opportunities and transparency.

Companies currently working with eProcessing Network can recognize more savings as well when working with Verisave. See how our process can be applied to your business by watching this short video:

To get started, submit your most recent merchant account statement for a fee analysis. There is NO RISK in partnering with Verisave – you approve of our plan before it is implemented. You remain in total control of your merchant accounts while a Verisave consultant does all of the heavy lifting. Capturing savings will be our full responsibility and not another task on your list of things to do.

Verisave works on a gain/share basis, you only pay us our share for creating these savings AFTER you have pocketed the money. Once we have successfully reduced your overall merchant fees, Verisave will continue to audit and monitor your merchant statement each month ensuring the saving initiatives stay in place. We will continue to identify additional savings opportunities on your behalf. Contact Verisave to find out how you could benefit from our merchant account auditing services.

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