Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees For Elavon Customers

Elavon is another giant company in the credit card processing industry. They offer merchant accounts, credit card payment processing, their own payment gateway, and more. This company can offer services for small business with flat rates and fees.

Elavon also caters to large companies, but their pricing is not offered online. For a quote, you can contact a sales representative. Elavon pricing for large companies will vary based on a number of factors including: your specific industry, monthly credit card processing volumes, the desired use of their customizable tools, and your negotiation skills. Negotiating rates and fees is where most company reps fall short. This includes existing companies looking to reduce their credit card processing fees. To work out fair pricing for all parties, an in-depth knowledge of current industry trends, back-end pay structure for processors, and access to benchmark data is crucial.

Verisave Can Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees For Elavon Customers

At Verisave, our merchant account auditing experts have compiled invaluable industry and benchmark resource data that creates savings for any merchant using any processor. This large bank of proprietary information gives our clients a huge advantage when it comes to securing refunds and overall savings on the fees being paid each month.  

Because of our work with over 500 companies across the nation and amid varying industries, we’ve pinpointed specific savings strategies that are proven to secure an average of 25% to 35% in savings for our clients.

Verisave has created the Gold Standard when it comes to maximizing deep savings opportunities and capturing refunds for any company wanting to control and reduce costs within the credit card processing industry.

Receive A Free Evaluation Of Verisave Services For Reducing Credit Card Processing Fees

Elavon customers can submit their most recent merchant account statement to Verisave online. We will then perform a thorough audit of your account, checking your current status against our savings benchmark data, to let you know if your company could be saving significant amounts with the help of Verisave. We will return to you a report of our findings to discuss with you our potential working relationship to help you save. Make no commitments and pay nothing upfront until your company benefits first.  

Verisave works on a gain-share basis; your incentive is our incentive. Instead of paying upfront for our services, we only ask that you share a portion of the savings we obtain. That way nothing is coming out of your pocket. Instead, Verisave is growing your bottom line without the added expense of another service. Watch this short video for a better understanding of our company.

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