Verisave Merchant Services Review: Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems for Credit Card Payment Processing

Heartland Payment Systems operates under the parent company Global Payments (since 2016). However, Heartland has been a credit card payment processing company since they were originally established in 1997, having plenty of time to fine-tune their services and processing systems.
Heartland offers merchant accounts, payment processing, and a select few solutions for business management include payroll and billing management solutions.
Verisave customers achieve an average savings of 25%-35% in overall credit card processing fees with an audit from Verisave. If you are interested in working with Heartland Payment Systems, restructuring with Heartland, or just looking to save on merchant costs, then speak with a Verisave merchant service expert.

Merchant Credit Card Processing Products & Services

Concerning credit card payment processing, Heartland offers the following services:

HEARTLAND EMV/POS TERMINALS: Heartland offers proprietary POS systems as well as options for using a variety of third-party POS systems that integrate with their software.
HEARTLAND MERCHANT ACCOUNTS: Merchants of all sizes can use Heartland for their merchant account, but it does cater better to larger businesses. The fees become a bit unreasonable when your business is processing less than $50,000 per year.
Heartland Payment Systems has developed specific processing solutions for niche-specific industries. These plans involve combinations of multiple business tools paired with credit card payment processing and more. POS systems, gift cards, loyalty programs, payment processing, analytics and more come in these customized plans and will vary based on the specific needs of your industry.

HEARTLAND MICROPAYMENT OPTIONS: For businesses processing small payments per transactions (laundromats are one example), Heartland offers a cashless payment system with lower processing fees to accommodate for the small transaction amounts.
HEARTLAND PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE: Merchants using Heartland services can accept payments using any of these available methods:

HEARTLAND ONLINE DATA REPORTING SOLUTION: InfoCentral and Heartland Analytics are two data reporting systems offered by Heartland Payment Systems. These systems also include features like CRM and email marketing.
HEARTLAND eCOMMERCE SOLUTION: Heartland provides developer tools for creating your eCommerce site with plug-and-play installation. This software allows you to add shopping carts and payment processing to your existing website. Or, you can start from scratch using Heartland’s eCommerce solution. Obtain a domain name, hosting, developer tools, and SEO help for creating an online store with a shopping cart. It meets PCI standards with their SecureSubmit jQuery plugin and SecureSubmit Tokenization.
HEARTLAND DATA SECURITY: By using Heartlands Out-of-scope systems, your POS device never stores sensitive card data. Their reputation for security is a good one, with little complaints to be found. Proprietary encryption and tokenization are used.

Other Services Offered by Heartland Payment Systems

Mobile ordering
Loyalty programs
Gift cards
Payroll Solutions
Billing Solutions
Managed Network Solutions

Having worked with hundreds of companies processing credit payments every day, we can apply our proven savings strategies to your merchant account. Working with Verisave is all the customization you will need for managing your merchant accounts. If Heartland is not the best option for your business, we will tell you who is. Give us a call before making long-term commitments to any credit card payment processor.

Heartland UI/System Integration

Starting fresh with Heartland is a simple process. You can use choose from their entire library of POS systems and business management solutions, though there are more comprehensive solutions out there if you’re looking for tools beyond necessary payment processing, payroll, and billing management.
If you currently have your own POS system that you would like to continue using, check to see if Heartland’s software is compatible with your system.

How Much Will You Be Paying For Heartland Services?

Heartland Payment Systems can use interchange-plus pricing but to get an accurate estimate of their pricing, you’ll have to speak to one of their in-house sales representatives. Estimates will be based on multiple factors, including:

Though Heartland Payment Systems offers interchange-plus pricing, smaller businesses are priced differently than larger corporations. Small businesses processing less than $50k per year are charged a flat rate of $67 per month, plus interchange fees.
While many processors charge a percentage markup for credit card processing, a flat rate of $67 for merchants who processes less than $5k a month results in a markup of over 1% which is higher than the standard processor markup rates. If you are processing less than $50k a year in credit or debit card payments, Verisave can help you control costs and guide you into more cost-effective processing that will fit your small business needs.

Having worked with Heartland Payment Systems through many of our clients, Verisave has developed proprietary benchmark data that allows access to more savings opportunities. We can help you save money on your overall merchant account fees with Heartland regardless if you are just starting with them or if you have been with them for a long time.

Contract Lengths For Heartland Payment Processing

Heartland Payment Systems traditionally offers a 3 year contract length that includes an early termination fee of $295. While this is a standard parameter followed by many credit card processing companies, we’re noticing more and more larger processors are offering month-to-month contracts that are more flexible for merchants, while also eliminating early termination fees.
Though Heartland offers excellent transparency when speaking with sales reps, their website is lacking in information. Signing up with Heartland could easily result in high start-up fees, high processing rates, and additional contractual agreements altogether if you are unfamiliar with the credit card processing industry. It helps to have a team of credit card processing consultants like Verisave to help you control costs with Heartland Payment Systems.

Working With Heartland’s Sales and Customer Service Reps

Researching Heartland’s Merchant Services – is a small site considering their longevity in the payment processing industry. Very little is shared concerning POS systems, pricing details, contract lengths, and more. A majority of their website is marketing jargon to entice you to call and speak with a sales rep. The good news is that speaking with a sales rep is a pretty painless process with Heartland. Expect to hand over certain details about your business to receive more accurate quotes concerning pricing and commitments. To reach a sales rep, you’ll first have to submit an online inquiry and wait for a response.
Contacting Heartland’s Customer Support – Customer support is accessible through multiple avenues, depending on the topic of your inquiry. Payment processing, payroll, micropayment, and other industry-specific concerns have individual phone numbers for reaching customer service. You can also get help by using their online chat feature or submitting an email via their site’s contact page.

Online Reviews of Heartland Payment Processing

Going directly to the BBB for insight into complaints and credible reviews is tough with this company. The BBB has entries for individual offices across the US, but Heartland Payment Systems doesn’t have an overall review of their company as a whole. The good news is that these individual offices are ranked very well on the BBB, mostly in the ‘A’ to ‘A+’ range.
The two most common complaints surrounding Heartland Payment Systems come down to customer services and surprise early termination fees. While customer service complaints are something to consider, since merging with Global Payments, Heartland has taken better care to address these complaints and make necessary improvements to this area of their company.
As far as “surprise” early termination fees, these complaints typically stem from a lack of understanding. Each customers experience will vary based on the sales rep they work with. Heartland takes pride in their transparency and generally, we don’t believe the ETF is something they try to hide. It’s a common practice with payment processing companies that have longer contract lengths.
To avoid “surprises” like this, it’s important to review the documentation thoroughly before making long-term commitments to any merchant services. Working with merchant account experts at Verisave can help you to understand the inner workings of the credit card processing industry so you’re well aware of the commitments you’re making.


Heartland Payment Systems for Credit Card Payment Processing

At Verisave, we believe Heartland Payment Systems is a great processing company to work with no matter what industry you are in. They take care of their customers and are easy to get ahold of when correcting backcharges or other payment processing conflicts. Their contracts are simple and straightforward. The software and hardware they offer to merchants are reliable and easy to use.
The exception to this is for small business owners processing less than $50,000 per year. With the flat rate fee of $67 per month to process your payments, Heartland’s markup skyrockets. It makes more fiscal sense to use a credit card processing company that has small business operators in mind.
If you would like to save on overall merchant fees and lower the cost of doing business, submit a recent merchant account statement to Verisave. After a free review of your statement, we’ll let you know the potential savings strategies that can be applied to your account by working with our merchant account auditing team. Watch the video below to see how our trusted process works:
Whether you are currently working with Heartland Payment Systems or you’re just exploring your options, our experience in the credit card processing industry lends a considerable leg up to merchants in any industry. Verisave has worked with hundreds of companies to lower their merchant fees and improve their overall payment processing systems. Contact us today to start the process of lowering your overall merchant fees.