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Do you know how much money you can save by optimizing your credit card processing fees?

  • Companies typically pay 10-30% higher processing fees than they should because the fees are difficult to understand and manage
  • These fees can be reduced WITHOUT changing processors, gateways, business processes or your customer experience

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Companies rely on Verisave to identify and implement savings.

Reducing credit card processing fees is extremely difficult because most companies lack the specialized expertise and resources required to analyze and proactively manage the following factors:
  • Complex fee structure: Multiple parties including the processor, card associations and banks collect fees from each transaction
  • Complicated, changing rules: Each transaction is governed by detailed rules that change every six months
  • Lack of Transparency: Assessing if fees are appropriate is nearly impossible because merchant statements are confusing, and companies lack benchmark data
Verisave is a cost optimization firm focused on credit card processing fee reduction. Over 20 years, Verisave has identified billions of dollars of savings. We analyze every component of processing fees, including interchange and card association fees, and can typically reduce costs by up to 30% without requiring our clients to change processors. After savings are implemented, our team continues to monitor the merchant account, and reoptimizes it as needed, to ensure our clients pay the lowest rates possible.

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Why choose Verisave

It’s simple. Verisave clients boost their profits by reducing wasteful credit card processing fees through our expert optimization process.

Our work is entirely within the setup of the merchant account … we find errors, we fix them on the back end, and our clients return that extra money to their bottom lines. There’s no need to change processors.

Nothing else changes. There’s no disruption to any business practice or customer experience.

And we do all of the work.

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