The Difference Between Verisave and Processors

Understanding the difference.

As a business that accepts credit card payments, you must have a relationship with a processor.

And you probably hear from new processors constantly, vying for you credit card processing business.

Verisave is often mistaken for a processor, or that we sell processing services … but the truth is, we work alongside whichever processor you already use.

Facilitates credit card transactions


Helps you save money


Verisave offers cost-reduction, simplified. Without any time investment, disruption, risk, or upfront fees, we can easily bring 25%-35% of your credit card processing fees back to your bottom line. 

No need to change processors, and no need to add a project to your team’s workload.



We dissect and analyze every fee on your merchant account to find all viable savings tactics, re-classifications, and hidden discounts.



We apply these tactics to your existing merchant account, implementing all savings for you. We do all of the work.



We monitor the account every month to ensure your fees do not increase over time, and that any annual rate updates are minimized or avoided.

What to Expect

It’s simple. Verisave clients boost their profits by reducing wasteful credit card processing fees through our expert optimization process.

Our work is entirely within the setup of the merchant account … we find errors, we fix them on the back end, and our clients return that extra money to their bottom lines. There’s no need to change processors.

Nothing else changes. There’s no disruption to any business practice or customer experience.

And we do all of the work.

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