The Verisave Kickback Program

Kickback /ˈkikˌbak/ (noun):

a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment

Earn a 20% Revenue-Share for Referring Clients to Verisave for a Merchant Account Audit

Plus an Apple Watch or a $100 Up-Front Payout for All Qualified Introductions

The Kickback Program is designed for clients, CPAs … or anyone with a connection to a decision-maker at a qualified business.

Verisave will find refunds and savings for your clients or associates … and we will pay YOU. The best part: they can stay with whichever processor they’re already using, and we do ALL of the heavy lifting.

  • PAID UP FRONT: receive an Apple Watch for your first referral, and a $100 Gift Card for every additional referral thereafter, when your referrals participate in our refund and savings analysis

  • 20% REVENUE SHARE: You will receive 20% of Verisave’s ongoing revenue that results from a referral you send to us, for 12 FULL MONTHS!

A Referral Case Study

Kickback Recipient:

Who: a Verisave client from the Ad Specialties industry

What: referred other Ad Spec businesses

How: approached some of their trusted vendors – plus a few competitors – and provided simple email introductions to connect them with the Verisave team

That’s all it took. We did the rest.


  • 22 referrals provided by this referral source to-date
  • 12 of those are now signed Verisave clients
  • $10k+ total monthly savings for these clients
  • Kickback recipient continues to add referrals, building that number

How to Get Started

Just provide an introduction.

Think of your clients, friends, vendors, neighbors … any business that accepts credit card payments.

Do they take in a credit card volume of over $75k per month? Perfect. We can help. 

Get started by letting us know which company you’d like to refer. Use the form below and submit as many as you’d like.

We’ll do the heavy lifting … and you’ll get paid.

Terms and Conditions

  • Referral company must take in $75k or more per month in credit card volume
  • Referral company must submit at least one RECENT (within last 3 months) merchant account statement for our Savings Audit
  • For your FIRST referral: you receive an Apple Watch upon Verisave’s receipt of qualified statements
  •  For every additional referral: $100 Gift Cards will be sent to you AND the referral contact upon Verisave’s receipt of qualified statements
  • You receive a 20% share of Verisave revenue resulting from any of your referrals becoming a signed Verisave client
  • Revenue Share begins on date of the referral client’s 1st billing
  • Revenue Share ends after 12 months per referral
  • You can submit as many referrals as you want, as often as you want

Apply to Become a Kickback Partner

Provide your information below. A Verisave rep will reach out to
you within 2 business days to discuss the Kickback Program in more detail.


Refer a Business - Earn a Kickback

Simply submit contact information for your referral below.

Then, watch your email for instructions on how to make an introduction.

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