How To Minimize Credit Card Processing Fees For Online Retailers

Online retailers are limited in their ability to transact funds. Cash is not an option so every sale is subject to a credit card processing fee. Minimizing credit card processing fees for online retailers is a crucial aspect of cutting costs and acquiring more of each transaction.

Credit card processing auditors at Verisave uncover an average of 25% to 35% monthly savings for their clients without switching processors. If you’re interested in seeing what you can save in merchant account fees each month, contact Verisave. The savings process is easy. Submit a copy of your most recent merchant account statement and a Verisave merchant account auditor will review your statement line-by-line. In 2 to 3 business days, Verisave will send you a detailed report, pinpointing unnecessary fees and a plan of action for lowering your current processing fees.

Have You Considered These Options?

Online retailers can do the following to lower their monthly credit card processing fees:

  • Go through your statement and locate any miscellaneous fees. Many fees with the phrasing “monthly” in them can be completely eliminated.
  • Check to see if you are PCI Compliant. If you’re not, you may be charged an additional monthly fee. Your processor can help you become compliant.
  • For American Express accounts, watch for a “Monthly Gross Fee”. This is another fee tacked on for services that can be eliminated.

Most merchants can save themselves 3-5% in monthly credit card processing fees with a little know-how. But when you work with an experienced merchant account auditing firm like Verisave, you can expect to save much more.

Online Retailers Can Lower Their Credit Card Processing Fees With Verisave

When you work with Verisave, you can expect to see dramatic savings in credit card processing fees. Verisave auditing experts can find savings without asking you to switch processors. You can depend on transparent, measurable savings. Your company stays in complete control of your merchant accounts and the savings found. At Verisave, we only receive compensation if we reduce your credit card processing fees, motivating our auditing firm to locate every opportunity to create a savings.

Contact us today to get started on saving 25% to 35% in monthly merchant fees.

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